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MyFocusSpace Newsletter - August 24th, 2021


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We want to make MyFocusSpace the most extensive accountability network on the internet and a place where you can come and do your best work anytime and from anywhere. The only social network where it is beneficial for you to spend more time.

We value a lot your time and thank you for all the effort you take to help us help you and fill out this survey.

🚣 The benefits of working with a stranger

Unlike when you work alongside your friend, working alongside a stranger brings you benefits you might never though of:

  • Increased Productivity & Innovation - there is a benefit in the fact that prolonged conversation is not encouraged. One of them is that you join the session with the mindset of working, and the other person shows up to do the same. You share and chat, but don't go into prolonged conversations as you would do with a friend, for example. Sometimes you need an environment where you come to work and be focused.
  • Greater Learning experiences - people you meet on MyFocusSpace, for example, have different backgrounds and work in other industries. You can use it to your advantage and pick up tips and tricks about any subject of your interest. (Maybe sharing a structure, experience on how productive they are.)
  • Endless Networking Opportunities & Increased Collaboration- you can never know how a random match can help you solve the problem/challenge you are facing at the moment. (For example, we had cases on MyFocusSpace when people started to collaborate because they had complementary skills.)
  • Limiting Loneliness - you get to interact with new people every day. It helps you restore your spirit and purpose on the windy road of entrepreneurship and freelancing because you had the opportunity to work alongside like-minded individuals with similar goals and routines.

🧠 Funny to watch - If a conference call happened in real life

This past year will forever change meetings. So if you are doing lots of conference calls from home, watch this video: "What would a conference call look like if it happened in real life?"


Source: Tripp and Tyler YouTube Channel

📕 Be curious about the intersection of science and behaviour


Source: Goodreads

This is what you will get when reading the book:


→ understand people's battle with temptation and masterful insights into understanding willpower: why we have it, why we don't, and how to build it;

→ learn from stories about the complexities of our evolutionarily wired brain;

→ the science of self-control and the future of it.

What people say about MyFocusSpace


Source: Nabil's Blog Post

My newsletter subscribers know I’d been hyper lazy with my weekly emails. At some point, I’d gone silent for five weeks straight. When Vio asked me what I would do on my first MyFocusSpace session, I inhaled, smiled, then screamed: “My news-freaking letter!” Long story short, I haven’t missed my newsletter since I hopped on MyFocusSpace. The human behaviour nerd inside me couldn’t help but investigate why the heck the app works so well. Here’s what I found.

Read the full article here - Looking for an Accountability Partner? MyFocusSpace Got You by Nabil Alouani.

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Join MyFocusSpace Discord Group - this group is only available for our community members and it's a place where we come to: → share our productivity experiences & challenges → be humble and ask for advice → interact with people who share the same interests as us— and who are there to help us in our journey.

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