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MyFocusSpace Newsletter - August 10th, 2021


🚣 Your results come from micro decisions

Our daily actions determine our end results. From our health, our finances, to our relationships, and more. Most of our daily decisions are irrational, but we can make theme easier and better.

We can't predict how things will go and unexpected problems can arise outside of our control. How we react to these problems is based on our decisions. It's on us to make better decisions, even in distressing situations.

  • First of all, decide what you want. If you want to lose weight, you want to make better decisions every single moment. Got a moment to rest? What about doing some exercises? You are going to the market, why not buy healthier things, which might help you eat better.

Every single decision can be improved. Take a look in your fridge: What might take you out of your health goal? Hide it or toss it away. Put the healthier things first, easier to reach. Make these better decisions at home, at the market, at your workplace, etc.

🧠 πŸ“… The Unschedule: An Effective Time-Planning Method to Beat Procrastination

Neil A. Fiore explains inΒ The Now Habit Book.

The problem of most procrastinators is that they never really take time for guilt-free play. They feel guilty for procrastinating and then don’t allow themselves time for leisure. This leads to a precarious situation where very little real work gets done while simultaneously very little play gets done.

Instead of scheduling in the calendar the things you procrastinate (work - e.g., tasks, projects, etc), you first schedule the fixed commitments (e.g., sleep, meals, showering, etc), guilt-free play (hobbies, reading, recreation, meeting your friends), self-care activities (e.g., exercise, meditation), including at least one hour of play a day and one full day off per week.


Source: Vio's calendar

When you do this, immediately, a few things change. Now your calendar is not full of overwhelming expectations, but it is more like a place for fun. It releases the pressure out of it. You can finally see that after scheduling the fixed commitments, you don't have so much time for work which also makes it more attractive, and you will find yourself wanting to work more. Crazy right? But it works.

The full article here - The Unschedule: An Effective Time-Planning Method to Beat Procrastination.

πŸ“• The book that will help you get control over your time

nl4-Get control over your time


β†’ You get a guide to manage your personal and business time.

β†’ You will understand how to set short-term goals, establish priorities, organize a daily schedule and achieve better self-understanding.

β†’ You will get tips on how to build your willpower, create quiet time, defeating unpleasant tasks, and keeping yourself on target.

🎯 What is new on MyFocusSpace

1. From now on, you will be able to see only people that are available

Thanks to your feedback guys, now you will be able to see only people that are available to book a session with. And more than that you will be able to see all the sessions in one calendar, just consider the position of the profile photo in the time slot.

  • if the profile photo is on the further left side of the time slot - it means that person has booked 1h session
  • if the profile photo is in the center of that time slot - it means that person has booked 1.5h session
  • if the profile photo is on the further right of the time slot - it means that person has booked 2h session

See the picture below.

The reason why we are changing this is that we want everyone to be seen and matched. This increases the visibility over the people who are available for different time slots. This also means that you will need to click separately on the 1h, 1.5h, 2h calendars to get to book sessions with those people.

nl4-Calendar change

Source: MyFocusSpace Calendar

2. New Users will now be able to sign up with LinkedIn or Google

nl4-Log in with Linkedin&Google

Source: MyFocusSpace sign up page

If you signed up with your email this doesn't apply to you. You will still be able to log in with your credentials. Only that from now on, all the new users of MyFocusSpace will need to sign up with Linkedin or Google.

The only reason behind this move is to keep MyFocusSpace safe and avoid spammers.

Join our Discord Group


Source: MyFocusSpace on Discord

Join MyFocusSpace Discord Group - this group is only available for our community members and it's a place where we come to: β†’ share our productivity experiences & challenges β†’ be humble and ask for advice β†’ interact with people who share the same interests as usβ€” and who are there to help us in our journey.

MyFocusSpace-Discord-Group Link:

P.S. If you have a great idea for a MyFocusSpace, we'd love to hear it! Submit your concept to share your skills with our community.

If you have any idea or feedback you want share about your experience on MyFocusSpace please send us an email at]( Feel free to shoot it at us!

Until next week, take care!

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