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MyFocusSpace Newsletter - August 08 2021

nl3-Group Session - 4th of August

Source: MyFocusSpace registration form

Thanks to the positive feedback we got from our community, this group session is opened for all the side hustlers who look for being productive or have a project/task they have been postponing for a while.

This event will be on Zoom on the 4th of August at 7 PM GMT+3 where you will have the chance to work on your projects and meet other side hustlers from all around the world.

In this virtual workshop, you’ll learn the concept of Deep Work and how to get more done in less time. We’ll begin by talking about “flow,” the science of productivity, and all of the distractions that get in the way. Then, we’ll actually do a deep work sprint, where you’ll get more done in 1h than you have in the entire day!

The agenda for the event:

6:50 - Join the event

7:00 - 7:15 - Intro into new research about productivity / Post Pandemic Productivity

7:15 - 7:20 - Round-robin table where each of us shares their task

7:20 - 8:20 - Deep work

8:20 - 8:30 - Celebrate our success and exchange ideas

So, please join us, and let's get some work done together!

🎯Today's Focus Tip: The DUST Model of Procrastination

nl3-The DUST Model - Viorica

Source: MyFocusSpace YouTube Channel

The DUST Model of Procrastination was invented by Graham Allcott. It's a tool that helps you find the reasons you procrastinate in the moment you do it, so that you catch your mind in the action.

There are a few reasons: The DUST Model:

D - the task is difficult,

U - the task is unclear,

S - or the task is scary,

T - or the task tedious.

You can learn more about the method from Graham's Book: A Practical Guide to Productivity: Work Smarter, Not Harder (*no affiliation link)

📕100 time, energy, and attention hacks to be more productive by Chris Bailey, the author of The Productivity Project: Proven Ways to Become More Awesome

nl3-Chris Bailey-100 things to do


*no affiliation link

Hacks to get more time - these are just a few for the list

  1. Schedule less time for important tasks.
  2. Keep a time diary.
  3. Say no to commitments that zap you of your time, energy, and attention.
  4. Remember that “perfect is the enemy of good.”

Energy hacks

  1. Exercise.
  2. Constantly reflect on how much energy you have, and act accordingly.
  3. Calculate your “Biological Prime Time”

Attention hacks

  1. Capture all of the open loops in your head.
  2. Keep a list of everything you’re waiting on.
  3. Do less.

You can check all 100 hacks - here.

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