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Peer accountability in

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for remote workers

Rediscover the flow of working alongside someone. We use AI to match you on demand with a remote partner just like you, to keep each other accountable and Get Things Done.

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Degree in procrastination?

We all have things we like to postpone, but mixing work with our personal space is a sure recipe for becoming even less productive over time.
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Long hours, few results?

Work Done = Time * Focus Intensity. We help you to hit optimal performance in a balanced way one session at a time.
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Missing someone arround?

Solitude has its advantages, but working alongside new people can bring some variety in our work live.
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Hard to stay in the flow?

Is hard to finish anything valuable when we are constantly interrupted by distractions. It's so much simpler to say NO to distractions when you are in a call with someone.

Features at a Glance

🤝 Accountability Partner

We match you with a remote partner on-demand that will be at your side when the urge to quit slips in.


🎯 Clear goals

We made that easier for you with our beautiful task list. We call it The Mindful Minute.


📊 Focus insights

We made it dead simple to track your deep work sessions and get all the insights you need.


📅 Shareable Calendar

With just a click you can invite your friends to work 🔨 with you whenever you like! No more scheduling and delays!


⌛ 1h, 1.5h or 2h of Complete Focus

Pick the best interval that suits your task and keeps you in the flow!


🚀 Community of DOers

MyFocusSpace has the most ambitious goal ever: To make remote work a global team effort! ✔️



MyFocusSpace surprised me with its simplicity and effectiveness. It helps you with both being more proactive and starting your work.

I love it! As a productivity coach, I recommend this to my clients and I also recommend it to you.

testimonialIonica BaznaAccountability Coachlinkedin

I had 2 sessions on MyFocusSpace today.

Having someone working with you really increases your productivity and focus.

And a nice conversation after the task is done adds to the satisfaction.

testimonialAlper KamuDESIGNERlinkedin

Happy to be one of the first users of MyFocusSpace! It gives me a chance to increase my productivity and meet new interesting people from all over the world.

Looking forward to new challenging sessions on this platfor!

testimonialIoana-Silvia CaraselData Science Enthusiastlinkedin

I've been using MyFocusSpace for almost a month, and it became my shield against procrastination! Whenever I have work to do but feel down, instead of procrastinating, I book a session. It boosts my productivity for the whole day!

testimonialAli RashidyGraphic Designerlinkedin

MFS has helped me get back on track with the task I’d been dreading the most. My newsletter subscribers know I’d been hyper lazy with my weekly emails. At some point, I’d gone silent for five weeks straight. When Vio asked me what I was going to do on my first MFS session, I inhaled, smiled, then screamed: “My news-freaking-letter!”.

Long story short, I haven’t missed my newsletter since I hopped on MyFocusSpace.

testimonialNabil AlouaniWriter and sometimes Speakerlinkedin

When you’re working for yourself, it’s hard to tell when work ends and personal life begins. I always wanted to do intense focus sessions early in the morning and have all my client work done by noon.

With MyFocusSpace I found the accountability partners I needed to wake up at 6 AM , do my morning routine, and be incredibly productive during the first half of my day. I’m sold

testimonialAdriana SimDoctor turned writerlinkedin

MyFocusSpace is a great way of having a focused session.

I really enjoy how easy it is to use it, and my productivity throughout the sessions has doubled.

It’s a really fun way to work!

testimonialAnish Suri Marketing Development at linkedin

MyFocusSpace is a simple yet innovative approach to a problem we have all experienced: working alone. There is a sense of accountability that I love with the fact you are working on something and so is whoever you are paired with.
Pick what time you want to pair up with somebody so you dont have to work alone, and boom, you are both working towards your goals separately but together.
Icing on the cake is the opportunity to network a little after each session.
I highly recommend given MyFocusSpace a try!

testimonialRoman M. Valdez Branding | Digital Marketing & Communications | Media linkedin

Frequently Asked Question

What equipment do I need to get started?All you need is a computer with a camera and microphone and an internet connection. Our app is also working great on mobile phones. Give it a try, especially if you need more screen space.
Do I need to keep the video on during the entire session? How about the microphone?Yes. We strongly urge you to keep the video on. This help with the accountability part. Regarding the microphone, we suggest to arrange with your partner at the beginning. Some people work better with background noise, while others do less.
What happens if I don't show up for a session?If you're late or don't show, your attendance score will be reduced, and your account can end up being frozen. We go to great lengths to building the strongest community of DOers.
How does scoring work?Your scoring is based on your attendance rate. If you show up, you gain points and keep your badges intact, otherwise you'll lose them.
What happens if my partner doesn't show up?No problem, we will try to match you with another person as fast as possible.
When I can set a session?A session starts every 30 minutes and you can enter a room no later than 2 minutes.

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